What Does the Economic Situation Have to Do with Online Shopping?

What Does the Economic Situation Have to Do with Online Shopping?

Businesses should now decide to go online. Companies must make sure that their online presence is well-designed due to factors such as the decline in customers, rising fuel costs, and the increase in online shoppers.

Online shopping is becoming more popular because it’s cheaper than driving to the store and paying gas to get there.

An April 2011 article mentions that UK consumers prefer e-commerce sites when they enjoy shopping, as gasoline prices continue to rise. According to an Institute of Grocery Distribution study, 52% of UK consumers will reduce their shopping trips if gas prices continue rising.

People will opt to shop in their local shops rather than drive to the malls. They can also buy groceries and other luxuries online. Online shopping was a preferred option for those who cannot afford to drive, according to 33% of respondents.

These results have led to many websites offering online shopping options. One example of this is qponsr-us.com, an online coupon site that aims to provide a pleasant shopping experience. My Shopping Genie is another example. It provides a list of places you can find what you want and then presents the results according to price. My Shopping Genie, a free program that runs from your computer, does the price comparison. It helps you find the best online deals.

A study shows that people search for coupon websites online to get extra discounts on their purchases as the cost of living rises. There are many websites that look similar to qponsr-us.com. My Shopping Genie recommends that companies offer coupons through the application to their customers. Companies can reap huge benefits from having an online presence and offering coupons to clients, due to the increase in online shopping.

Customers also enjoy the benefits of online shopping: they save time, money, have a wide selection of brands and products to choose from, can shop from their home, and so on.

Online shopping is becoming more popular. A April 2011 editorial shows that UK online shoppers spent PS 5.1 billion in March fanappic 2011, which is PS82 per person. Comparing to the same quarter last year, the first quarter 2011 saw an 18% increase.

Ideal Shopping Direct, an independent TV and online shop, stated that it saw 13.5% growth in its total sales over the past year. It is remarkable that 70% of the increase is due to online sales, which grew by 70%.

Mintel, a market research firm, predicts that online sales of UK clothing will rise 60% by 2015. Mintel, a market research company, discovered that 34% of UK consumers bought cloths online in 2010 compared to 25% in 2009.

These results show that customers would be more satisfied if they could shop online. Therefore, companies should invest in the latest online technology and incorporate e-commerce into any marketing strategy.

A large number of retailers are now turning to online or smaller stores. Wal-Mart and Office Depot are just a few examples. Best Buy has been focusing on online sales to increase their customer base and reduce the size of its stores. The company’s online shopping will be a huge benefit, as well as its customers. Online retailers can offer lower prices due to their lower cost structure.

Online shopping is not a threat to the owners of large shopping malls and other businesses. They should instead take advantage of it and incorporate it into their marketing strategies. Use sites like My Shopping Genie to your advantage and remain open to market changes.